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Monday, December 29, 2008

-Merry belated Christmas to everyone! I haven't had internet for mostly all of last week so I haven't got to post anything. It is now about 8:30am and I have internet back, but the guy from Air Advantage is supposed to be here any minute to look at what the problem was. I was going to cancel the appointment, but it seems that whenever we get any amount of snow, the internet goes out so I want him to check make sure everything is still the way it is supposed to be.

Christmas was pretty good around here. Scott left me a message on Christmas eve that he was going to be heading home, so I picked him up from the truck stop on the way home from work. Christmas morning we got up and gave the kitties their new toys that were in their stocking and played with them for a bit and then we opened the gifts that his mom sent to us. She got me the book I wanted "Let's Roll". It is a book written by Lisa Beemer--Her husband was one of the passengers that tried to overtake the plane on 9-11. It is an awesome book. and I have wanted it for a while so that was cool. She also got me a $25 gift card to Best Buy so that is cool. I got to get a few things that I have been wanting to pick up--ear buds for my mp3 player. The ones they give you are so uncomfortable. I got these new ones and they are The Bootsie!

Then Scott and I got hungry and not a lot to choose from so I called my Aunt Debbie and she gave me this recipe for waffles that only required 2 eggs and flour and such--that was just the amount of eggs we had left so that was cool. We had all the other ingredients and the George Foreman grill with waffle plates and WALA! Fantastic waffles! They were the best I ever remember having. Love that new recipe!

The rest of the day was pretty ok--tried to get some stuff done on the computer and the Internet was not working. Then decided to work with some other stuff on the puter that didn't require the net and that wasn't working either! GRRRRR! So, I went in and started organizing my craft room. My parents came over a little later and we had fun playing my mom's Wii. Scott REALLLLLLY liked the bowling game. He would have played all night if they would have played with him.


Well, it's much later now and I got home from work and was glad to today. I was not feeling myself all day and so was glad for a shorter shift. I had a customer (a husband and wife and adult son) today that were so miserable that they could not stand to be in their own skin. They were complaining the entire 2 hours they were there. They wanted me to price match Wal-mart and then when I pulled up Wal-mart's website and the price was exactly the same as ours that made them really mad because they just came from there and the lady there told them it was cheaper on the website. Then, they didn't like that we were not on commission and then they didn't like that we were still out of stock from Christmas and "It was false advertisement that something is in the ad and we don't have it!" and on and on the entire time they were there and how horrible they were treated at customer service desk and blah, blah, blah..... I couldn't wait to get them on their way.

The guys from Air Advantage said that the signal was strong but they positioned the dish to get a little stronger signal. He didn't know what the problem was but I told him that I have Internet now, but I didn't all last week when we had all that snow. But he told me everything checked out fine. So, go figure!

I have tomorrow off! Yay! So I am going to get to bed so I don't sleep it away!

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