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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello lovelies!  I came home to a surprise a few weeks ago.  Scott had opened the sun-porch up and when I came home from work, it was dark out and he had hung this little chandelier out there and had it lit.  I pulled in and shut off the car and just stared at it.  It was so pretty and elegant looking.  A whole bunch of thoughts ran through my head--...someone might steal it... it isn't meant to be outside... I wanted that in the bedroom....   wow that really looks awesome...  really, really pretty.  Well, it was just plugged in and could be removed if I didn't like it there and it is in a screened in sun-porch.  So, for now it stays.  I don't have any fantastic pics of it lit at night but I will when the weather warms up some.  Here's what I have for now:

This one is really blurry because it was taken from outside and through screening and it was starting to get cold out so I was ready to come in  :o)

Well, my birdie bird bath that I wrote about here didn't survive the winter.  It apparently wasn't made to withstand outdoors for very long.  It crumbled and was really mushy.  :o(  :o(  bummer.
Well,  that same day, Scott put out a stand I had for a gazing ball (and never got the ball for it).  And put on a saucer that I made mosaic years ago with the intentions of it being a birdbath someday.  So,  this is how it came out.   It is much shorter and only sitting on top for now (it could be knocked off easy) but it is pretty to look at and actually being put to use.  Sometimes he is too smart for his own britches!  lol

And lastly for now,  we rearranged the living room the other day and I had a few corners that were bare and I had 2 of those little round tables so I put them there and started vignettes on them.
Well,  2 days later, this one got knocked down by one of the kitties that reside here.  I won't name any names or anything, but....

......Certain kitties like to hang out behind that one more than other kitties!

This is the other table and so far it hasn't been knocked over

I embroidered this little doily and have always liked it so now it is out where I can see it every day

This lamp isn't done yet, but a little bit of pearls to dress it up for starters

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the little tour!  Have a blessed day!