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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, I didn't think I was going to make today's "Outdoor Wednesday" post. I missed last week's and today was storms. It is just getting dark now but I was able to get a few cool shots with the raindrops on them. I was so excited because I saw that one of my peony flowers had finally bloomed!! Yay! I wish they were light pink but they are still pretty and I am happy to have them. Hopefully my mom's will bloom soon too and hopefully hers are pink and we both can have pink and white peonys in our homes!

I like the picture of the ones without the flash better, except for the raindrops shimmered with the flash and I thought that was really neat and worth showing. I was going to lean my arm on the wall for steadier shots but, I noticed the little pieces of mud on the wall was not mud! They were little snails not in shells! I think they are cute but my mom is probably going YUCK! right now. lol

The buds are still so cute too. The buds are pink and I was hoping the flowers were too.

I also noticed a few days back these little daffodils. I like the white ones best and they were a pleasant surprise! They are so cute.

Pretty pink tulips.

My mom noticed my rose bush is getting buds! Yay. Roses are among my top 5 favorites! I wish the picture would have came out better, but it was getting dark and the mosquitos were trying to eat me up! Must be all those sweet cherries I have been eating! teehee! There were actually about 10 buds that I could see but the camera wanted to focus on the leaves and such so not great pics today but I am sure I will have more soon.

Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life is but a bowl of...

Well, you know. tee hee.
I just love cherries!! They were on sale when I went in the store and right up front when I walked in and I almost can never resist them when they are on sale!! lol. I love almost all fruits but these are amongst my favorites!

Mom and I went to some garage sales last weekend and had a lot of fun. I found a little old desk that is like what I have been wanting. I currently have a laptop, and have a cheap little desk meant for a desktop computer--NO storage!! Ugly!! Plain!! So... I have been wanting one that is cute and with drawers. The desk was in kinda rough shape but he only wanted $5.00. I saw that it was going to need more than just a paint job so I asked if he would take $4. He hesitantly said yes. I was pretty excited. Then... the next day, I found one at a garage sale that was smaller, (I live in a very tiny house) and in much better shape. It only needed paint and good to go! So, we stopped by the hardware store and got some paint and got busy. I also painted a night stand that my mom gave me. I have been wanting one of those for a while too. These are the finished products!
(By the way, the first desk I was going to get rid of but now I am going to use it in my scrappy room. It has more storage than the one I have in there now too. It is almost done and I will post pics.)

Yay!! I also came upon a bed frame for only $5.00! I was very happy for this because my mattresses have been on the floor since I moved in! I just love how the room is coming along. I am also re-painting my dresser. I forgot to take before photos though but I will post ones when it is done.

On a side note... with all this happening, I have been unfortunately been neglecting getting my scrappy room finished but that is on my list of things to at least work on today! lol

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi everyone!

So... My craft room got an unexpected overhaul this weekend. I wish I would have taken a before pic, but I didn't think it was going to be much more than an organization mission.

Turned into sooooo very much more.

There was this really nasty carpet that was there when we moved in. It was one of the things we were going to replace first thing, and then we got a shed with that money so we could put the stuff into it while the carpet and paint was getting done. Anywhoo... I have was thinking that it would be nice to have the wood floor under it until we get the money for the carpet. So, with that suggestion, Scott said it wouldn't be too bad to pull it up if that was what I wanted. So he got to pulling it up. Then we did a bit of hand sanding the floor just to get the paint off. The floor isn't evenly sanded but it is good enough for me. I like the Shabby look anyway. :o)

So, we worked at it and it is not done yet, but here is some of the progress.
This was just after the carpet was tore up: (The room is only 9' x10' but I am grateful to have a room dedicated just to being creative. I just have to be very selective on how the furniture is arranged and what I put in it and how. Before it was such a crazy mess. Nothing made sense. Dresser and desk and shelving unit and drawer units anywhere they might fit.)

This was what the living room looked like after hauling all my craft room stuff out into it.

After I painted, last fall, I forgot that I didn't do anything with the plate covers, so here is a pic of what they look like now: (much better don't ya think?)

So, this is a peek at my ribbon storage. I have used soooo many systems for it and none worked quite right until I read about this one from someone on the net ( I wish I knew who but it was a few years ago. I finally got it mostly done--I found some more ribbon amongst the chaos!! lol) But this is one drawer and I have a total of 2 that are like this and the bottom of this 3 drawer unit is the ones I just found that need to be wound and put with like colors.

This is what I came up with for my stamp storage. (I need to be able to see them or else I don't use them). They are just wooden pieces (found in the moulding department of home improvement stores) that are designed for an outside corner to protect it from getting dinged up. I used them as small shelves. They are just wide enough to put wood mounted stamps on them. I love it!

Then, this is the sight you see right now when you walk in-- A mess for now but getting there. I was so sore and tired from yesterday that I didn't make as much progress today but this is the desk and the shelving unit.

This is just to the right when you walk in. I can see my stamp collection from my desk. (The lamp is out in the middle for now because Scott was working on the stamp shelves.)

This is the white shelving unit. I now have some matching boxes for most of it.

This unit is one that I made a few years ago to hold my paper horizontally, but then discovered that it was much better held vertical and in these holders by cropper hopper. I was debating on getting rid of this shelving unit but then thought that I could get rid of most of the shelves and still use it for paper, but in a different way. This is beside my desk so that is easily within reach

Then, this is my drawer units. They are quite handy to hold everything. I have tools, ribbon, paper scraps, painting supplies, glitter, etc. in them. I will post more pics and close ups when it is done or closer to done. But this is how it is for now. Loving it so far.

On a side note, this is where it all started... I asked for some advice for how to organize some embellishments because I didn't like having to use all those individual plastic divider things for each color and I wanted to have them fit into a drawer that I could pull out and see it all, but the drawers couldn't fit 2 units in them. Scott suggested to cut some of them off. It would lose a few of the compartments but they would all fit in a drawer. I loved the idea! So, off to the garage he went to alter some of the plastic units so they would all fit in a drawer. I LOVE the new system!! Here is an example:

These are the units they went into:

This is one of the drawers all done where I can see all the embellishments when I open the drawers:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lovingly Yours

To all the Mother's out there, but mostly mine! Love you Mumma!

Thank you for being so very wonderful. God made you beautiful and special and I want to thank you for all you do and for being who you are. You have made me into the person I am today and love me unconditionally. You are always there for me and always make me feel better. You always bring me up and never put me down or make me feel bad. I am so Blessed to have you in my life. I love you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two very interesting posts! The first one talks about how bees have scented feet and leave behind a scent on the flower to signal to the other bees that the necter is all gone in that flower!! How amazing!

The second one is about banding hummingbirds. So cute and tiny!
I can't wait till they start coming to my feeders. Mom and I have a contest to see who is going to see the first one! :o)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I always plan on posting more than just for outdoor wednesdays but never seem to get around to it. So, here is todays shots. We discovered this morning at my parents house that they have a few lilac bushes growing!! Yay!! Love those beautiful, heavily perfumed, lilacs! So, I did a few shots of those just before my Mumma and I headed out for a girls day out!
Here they are. So pretty and just starting to open on a few of the branches. So cute!

They also have these tiny little purple flowers all over the grass too. Not sure what they are. I think it may be some kind of weed/crabgrass type thing but not sure. For now, they are cute little flowers.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!