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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life is but a bowl of...

Well, you know. tee hee.
I just love cherries!! They were on sale when I went in the store and right up front when I walked in and I almost can never resist them when they are on sale!! lol. I love almost all fruits but these are amongst my favorites!

Mom and I went to some garage sales last weekend and had a lot of fun. I found a little old desk that is like what I have been wanting. I currently have a laptop, and have a cheap little desk meant for a desktop computer--NO storage!! Ugly!! Plain!! So... I have been wanting one that is cute and with drawers. The desk was in kinda rough shape but he only wanted $5.00. I saw that it was going to need more than just a paint job so I asked if he would take $4. He hesitantly said yes. I was pretty excited. Then... the next day, I found one at a garage sale that was smaller, (I live in a very tiny house) and in much better shape. It only needed paint and good to go! So, we stopped by the hardware store and got some paint and got busy. I also painted a night stand that my mom gave me. I have been wanting one of those for a while too. These are the finished products!
(By the way, the first desk I was going to get rid of but now I am going to use it in my scrappy room. It has more storage than the one I have in there now too. It is almost done and I will post pics.)

Yay!! I also came upon a bed frame for only $5.00! I was very happy for this because my mattresses have been on the floor since I moved in! I just love how the room is coming along. I am also re-painting my dresser. I forgot to take before photos though but I will post ones when it is done.

On a side note... with all this happening, I have been unfortunately been neglecting getting my scrappy room finished but that is on my list of things to at least work on today! lol

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi, Well aren't we cute, they look very good (Cherries) and the cup, How many times have we had Tea out of them, I know it has been awhile. I was glad I could help give u the little help that I did with painting. That night stand looks great u never would know that is the same stand! its Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful job on the furniture ... btw, my cup overflows with raspberries! Chuckle~ TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Love it! I'm an apple girl!

  4. Hi! Im new to your blog and just love it! I love the creativity with the furniture and what awsome inspiration! Thanks for writing! M