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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, once again I am up way later than I wanted to be. But, this time I didn't even get home from work until past my "bedtime" (I really want to get in the habit of being in bed by around 10:30 and getting up early. The day goes so much better when I do. Today was a good example-- I was up by 7 and was on the net for a little bit.... Well, OK, a couple hours... but then I did get to crafting and I got to exercise with my Wii Fit and got it all done before I had to get ready to go to work this afternoon. I love it when I actually do these things. I really have a hard time getting up though most days. I LOVE LOVE to lay in bed and snuggle under the covers for a while longer, but love it when I resist the temptation and get up.
So, work has been much less stressful as of late. I love the feeling. I am much happier. I still worry about the lack of insurance and not sure what to do about that.
Firefly (for those of you who don 't know, that is one of my cats) has been acting so so so very clingy. He cries all the time for me to hold him and he is not content just sitting on my lap, no... he has to be up to my shoulder and me holding him (like burping a baby style). If I am not doing this, he climbs up me to that position. This is somewhat normal behavior, but for the last week he has been abnormally so. The entire time I am here, if he is not eating or outside he wants me to hold him. Then, Hobbes is getting to be the same way except he doesn't care if I hold him or not, but he cries all the time for lovings. I am glad to have cats that like to be loved on, but, this is ridiculous! I can't do anything. It's that old thing about too much of a good thing :o). Well, on that note, I need to be heading to dreamland if I want to get up and get stuff done again and tomorrow night is a big night after work, I am going to my parents and it is the last minute rush before Saturday------ MOVE IN DAY!!!!!!!!!!! (for those who don't know, my parents have been married 42 years and they just bought their first house!!!!!) So exciting!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well, it's 10:30 and I am supposed to be heading to bed so this will have to be short but this is the first chance I have had to myself since I got the Internet back a couple days ago. They came out and switched the satellite dish and put this big antenna up and the next morning it was not working again for about a half hour and I called them and by the time someone answered it was back on and has been fine ever since so I hope that is it for the problems with the Internet. So frustrating!
It was a strange weekend. I was in a strange funk and I think I have cabin fever. I am tired of this cold so it was great today to have the sun shining and the snow melting. I asked Scott if he wanted to go for a walk today so we did that and that was really great to get out and get some fresh air. I am so ready for spring!
Well, off to beddy-bye! Sweet dreams to all you out there in the cyber-world!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well, no Internet for almost a week--ugh! I still have no Internet, but I am at my parents using theirs for now. Long week but been getting a lot of organizing done in my craft room so that is good!
Another crazy customer story:
This guy (older gentleman) comes in and asks us for one of those digital converter boxes and when I showed it to him he says to me, "So, these are $49.00?" I told him yes. Then he said, "So, If I give you this $40 coupon and nine dollars I can walk away with this?" I said, "Well, yes, plus tax, of course" So.... he sets his cane down and starts pulling out cash to give me-- (keep in mind we are standing in the middle of the store!) So, I told him that he would have to take it to the register and he says to me, "Oh, you can tell I never shop here." OK, OK--so, which store do you know that you hand the sales clerk money in the middle of the store--does he do this in the grocery store, or what if he would have handed me his credit card--does he expect me to swipe it through my teeth???? I was cracking up at that guy!
Then... last week I had a guy come up and ask where the... ready for this one---- GETTOBLASTERS were! LOL! LOL! I had all I could do to keep a straight face to show him where they were. Haven't heard that word in so long. teehee. People crack me up. :o)
Last Saturday was my last day being a Supervisor and what a relief! The next day someone came up to me and gave me a sheet that had a customer problem that needed to be addressed and I handed it back to him and told him that he better take it to the Supervisor of that department and that I was no longer! whew! that felt good! tee hee
Well, I have other sites to look at for the time that I have to be on the net so ta-ta for now all!