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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Well, no Internet for almost a week--ugh! I still have no Internet, but I am at my parents using theirs for now. Long week but been getting a lot of organizing done in my craft room so that is good!
Another crazy customer story:
This guy (older gentleman) comes in and asks us for one of those digital converter boxes and when I showed it to him he says to me, "So, these are $49.00?" I told him yes. Then he said, "So, If I give you this $40 coupon and nine dollars I can walk away with this?" I said, "Well, yes, plus tax, of course" So.... he sets his cane down and starts pulling out cash to give me-- (keep in mind we are standing in the middle of the store!) So, I told him that he would have to take it to the register and he says to me, "Oh, you can tell I never shop here." OK, OK--so, which store do you know that you hand the sales clerk money in the middle of the store--does he do this in the grocery store, or what if he would have handed me his credit card--does he expect me to swipe it through my teeth???? I was cracking up at that guy!
Then... last week I had a guy come up and ask where the... ready for this one---- GETTOBLASTERS were! LOL! LOL! I had all I could do to keep a straight face to show him where they were. Haven't heard that word in so long. teehee. People crack me up. :o)
Last Saturday was my last day being a Supervisor and what a relief! The next day someone came up to me and gave me a sheet that had a customer problem that needed to be addressed and I handed it back to him and told him that he better take it to the Supervisor of that department and that I was no longer! whew! that felt good! tee hee
Well, I have other sites to look at for the time that I have to be on the net so ta-ta for now all!

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