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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have lots of pics today for Outdoor Wednesday. It has been a busy week!

This is a cute little church my mumma and I stumbled upon the other day. I was driving a detour to a gas station and on the way home, was this little church on the corner. I had to stop and take some pictures of it.

Yesterday when I got to work, this golf cart was sitting in the employee lot, in a parking spot. It kinda cracked me up so I took a quick picture. Well, turns out that it was an employee. But the even funnier part is during our shift, it started raining-- hard-- REAL HARD! It started pouring buckets! So, he was asking if anyone knew how to turn a golf cart into a boat. lol.
This is the beautiful sunset I saw on the way to my parents house last night.
Then, here is something that I am trying for the first time. I read about these pictures you can capture from the sun rays and such called "flares". They are anything like rays or dots or anything the sun's glow gives off that your camera catches. I had to go try it. I took 104 pictures but came up with about 10 that caught the "flares" in them. So, not bad for a first try.
Then, this last pic has a story:
My kitties are strange (as all are) but one of their quirks are that they LOVE to go for walks. I have an alley past my back yard. Hardly ever does anyone drive on it, so I started taking walks up and down it every now and then to give the kitties something out of the ordinary to do because they follow me everywhere and they love it when I walk to the end of the driveway so I thought they might find this interesting. They do... A LOT! It is kinda funny because if I even head into the back yard, they come running in hopes that we are going to walk the alley.
So anyway.... On the way home a few days ago, a neighbor was having a garage sale and I stopped. She had a really pretty kitty in the driveway and we got to chatting about ours and I told her I just lived a few doors down and have 3 of my own. We shared a few stories and then she proceeded to tell me that there is a couple that actually walks their cats up and down the alley sometimes and the kitties just stay right at their heels, and if they don't she just calls them and they come running! {tee hee} I smiled sheepishly and said, "yeah, that would be me." She thought it was so cute and couldn't believe the cats actually walked with me. She said she never seen anything like it.
So, I took a picture the next day to share. Hope you get a kick out of it as much as we do.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last week I got my car fixed!! YAY! The guy did an amazing job. Most people wonder if it is the same car they saw banged up!

Been a little crazy around here. One of my kitties got in a fight this morning around 5am and lost. He is banned to the house for a while.

I have missed the past few "Outdoor Wednesdays" for posting, but have indeed been taking pictures on Wednesdays, and so here are a few because I have to work tomorrow and then am probably going to my Dad and Mom's so I will be busy again and probably not get a chance to post.

I got to see a bluebird for the first time at my parent's house a few days back! As much zoom as my camera has, it still wasn't quite close enough, but he was very pretty.

I am pretty sure this is a baby robin. I heard a commotion outside with the birds and came out to find this guy on the ground. I got a picture of him and then he flew into the neighbors yard. My cat started running that way and I snatched her up and brought them all inside. She wanted out very bad but I wouldn't let her. So, I am not sure what became of that little guy.

I noticed this little flower a few days ago! They are one of my most favorite ones! He just came up on his own over by were the tulips were! Now there are 2 and I hope they continue to get more and do well!

Have a fantastic day everyone!