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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Last week I got my car fixed!! YAY! The guy did an amazing job. Most people wonder if it is the same car they saw banged up!

Been a little crazy around here. One of my kitties got in a fight this morning around 5am and lost. He is banned to the house for a while.

I have missed the past few "Outdoor Wednesdays" for posting, but have indeed been taking pictures on Wednesdays, and so here are a few because I have to work tomorrow and then am probably going to my Dad and Mom's so I will be busy again and probably not get a chance to post.

I got to see a bluebird for the first time at my parent's house a few days back! As much zoom as my camera has, it still wasn't quite close enough, but he was very pretty.

I am pretty sure this is a baby robin. I heard a commotion outside with the birds and came out to find this guy on the ground. I got a picture of him and then he flew into the neighbors yard. My cat started running that way and I snatched her up and brought them all inside. She wanted out very bad but I wouldn't let her. So, I am not sure what became of that little guy.

I noticed this little flower a few days ago! They are one of my most favorite ones! He just came up on his own over by were the tulips were! Now there are 2 and I hope they continue to get more and do well!

Have a fantastic day everyone!


  1. U did a good job on your Pics. that little Viola is so cute.. and the little babybird also.Love ya, Mumma

  2. Great job on the car.

    Love the bird pics. We have lots of baby birds having their parents working their tails off feeding them, it is adorable to watch them in action.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. I bet it feels great having your car back. I for one am not good when my car is out of commission. Your birds are delightful. I get to watch them all day out my window as I work. Flowers are always special, I never get sick of looking at them.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog today, it is always a blessing to meet new sisters in my blogging journey. I enjoyed looking at your photos. I've never seen a blue bird (smiles). Thanks for sharing them with us today!!

    Blessings Lorie