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Monday, June 15, 2009

This morning was quite the morning. I had something happen for the first time in my life-- I was in a car accident. (I have been in a one before but I was 3 years old so I don't remember it).

Everyone was ok. It was only me in the car because I was on my way to work and the other lady was the only one in her car too. We were both ok. I got a small cut on top of my lip from the glass flying in, but nothing major. I am grateful that no one was hurt. That being said, I am really bummed about my car. It is the first car I have ever bought. I know cars can be replaced, but... it makes me mad and sad that it is all smashed up. One of the worst parts of it was that I was on my bluetooth with my mom and she heard the whole thing. She was really upset. That hurt my heart to know what she went and is going through over it, but I was glad she wasn't with me. (Many times we are together in the car).

So, anyway...
Later we got the porch finished (more or less) and it looks sooo nice. I am excited for tomorrow morning to go out and have coffee and enjoy it finally! It is supposed to be nice out so that made be feel better to have it done enough to enjoy after all the hard work.

This is the view from the chairs, but I want to get some plants and such in here and make it real cozy.

Enjoy the pics! Have a great day!


  1. Hi My Darling Daughter~
    I am so grateful to God, that he protected you while u were driving!He might be trying to get your attention. We had 2 car accidents within 6 months,that made us think.
    All You guys hard work really payed off it looks really nice, and I wish I could be there to have some coffee with you. I think It is suppose to be nice tomorrow! then the rest of the week yucky.
    Love you, Mumma

  2. Your porch looks very nice. I can see it being done up with personal touches to make even more homey. I'm glad that you are okay. I was in horrible car wreck when my daughter was just a baby. So feirce was the force it broke her car seat in two. I ended up on my husbands lap. Got out of the car to check my daughter, who by the grace of God was okay, and blacked out. Didn't wake til the hospital. I had wrenched my spine something awful. probably the start of all my nerve issues. Anyway, I KNOW how scary that can be and how it just stays with you all day. I'm glad your safe. Your poor momma... i can't imagine.

  3. Glad you are ok Tawnya!! Sorry about your car :(

  4. Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)
    Thankfully God protected you!!

  5. I'm sooooo thankful that God was in that car with you, protecting you and the other lady all the way. Your poor mother...I can totally understand why you feel bad for her. We Momma's feel sooo deep, don't we?

    I love your sweet bloggie here! What a JOY to visit!

    Blessings to you my friend...