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Saturday, June 6, 2009

What a crazy week! Scott has been on vacation so we have been getting lots and lots done. I don't have pics of all of it but here are some of the activities going on around here this week.

The one main thing we had planned to get done was to re-do the shed. Last fall there was local flooding (not bad, just yards that looked more like ponds than yards). So, water came up over the floor of the shed and much of my stuff was still in boxes and got ruined and moldy. UGH! I didn't know it was like that until recently. I lost so much sentimental stuff and other things. It was a much needed cleaning and sorting though. I got rid of so much stuff that I know the garbage men must not have been too happy with us! I took a load to Salvation Army that had my trunk full, backseat full, and some in my passenger seat. They were pretty thankful for all of it. The lady asked me if I did some spring cleaning. lol.

This is the after-- all neat, a lot of floor room, everything is labeled and in sight if I want something, it will be easy to find and get to! Yay! Also, while I was sorting and such, Scott was hard at work tearing up the floorboards, laying down a tarp and plastic liner so if it flooded again, it has to travel up over the side tarp which is about 5 inches high. He worked very hard on this for me. It is so nice now.

One of the things Scott started on was the sun porch. This house has a little sun porch that has a lot of potential to be something cute. It has/had siding on it and was just being used for a drop ground for stray boxes that I didn't get a chance to put away or storage for tools etc. Well, I was hanging laundry on the line a few days ago and he started tearing off the siding to start making it into a sun porch again ( It used to be all windows and someone just put siding up to cover it.)

Amongst all the chaos, we noticed there were kitties on the roof!! But how did they get there??? teehee
Here is the scene of the crime and how they were doing it:
Well, with Scott being home this week, he brought the truck home to clean it out real good. The kitties thought it was a fun jungle gym to get to the roof. The black and white kitty is the next door neighbor and our kitties play with him. Not sure of his name but we call him Max. He was having fun on the roof too.

And, here is Feather (more well known as prissy kitty). She was not getting on the roof of the garage, she decided to sit on the hood of my car and watch the activities.

Lots more happening also, but blogger is not working right on the pictures so, I will end here for now, besides, we have lots more projects to get working on! lol.
Have a fantastic day everyone!!


  1. Hi, Yes it looks like u have got a lot accomplished!Love u, Mumma

  2. We went through a flood last year and i'll never forget it. We were not flooded via our home but we could not get in or out and that was horrible because it meant services could not get in or out. We didn't loose anything but our power, food & cold air on some of the hottest days. All in all, I suppose we did okay for not having lost our car or possessions.

    Your shed looks cleaner. It appears you have things up on plastic bins and tables now. Maybe just God's hand in helping you get prepared. :)

  3. Having been thru 3 floods, I share your sadness in the loss of 'treasures saved' ... I learned my lesson, so I thought, by elevating everything BUT
    why is it that elevation is never enough?!

    Hubby's parents were flooded about 6 times, despite raising the foundation on house.

    Looks like you have things under control now, nice, clean, orderly. Good luck!
    TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Very nice Tawnya, I'd say you were working very hard. Thats such a bummer about losing things. Love ya

  5. No floods here. But...I need to do what you did and get rid of stuff. I keep promising myself I will do it...and it never gets done.
    Not even any rain to speak of...poor Southern California ...always behind the door when the rain gets passed out...