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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, I didn't think I was going to make today's "Outdoor Wednesday" post. I missed last week's and today was storms. It is just getting dark now but I was able to get a few cool shots with the raindrops on them. I was so excited because I saw that one of my peony flowers had finally bloomed!! Yay! I wish they were light pink but they are still pretty and I am happy to have them. Hopefully my mom's will bloom soon too and hopefully hers are pink and we both can have pink and white peonys in our homes!

I like the picture of the ones without the flash better, except for the raindrops shimmered with the flash and I thought that was really neat and worth showing. I was going to lean my arm on the wall for steadier shots but, I noticed the little pieces of mud on the wall was not mud! They were little snails not in shells! I think they are cute but my mom is probably going YUCK! right now. lol

The buds are still so cute too. The buds are pink and I was hoping the flowers were too.

I also noticed a few days back these little daffodils. I like the white ones best and they were a pleasant surprise! They are so cute.

Pretty pink tulips.

My mom noticed my rose bush is getting buds! Yay. Roses are among my top 5 favorites! I wish the picture would have came out better, but it was getting dark and the mosquitos were trying to eat me up! Must be all those sweet cherries I have been eating! teehee! There were actually about 10 buds that I could see but the camera wanted to focus on the leaves and such so not great pics today but I am sure I will have more soon.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Good Morning My Darling Daughter!
    Wow what lovely shots of your flowers, it couldn't b your new camera, or is it the person taking the pic.?
    I know its u.. Love to u this day n everyday!
    Love ya,

  2. I forgot what u said about the mud,but not mud yuck u are right, I probably would do my favorite Scream!

  3. I adore white for me the peony is absolutely perfect....I love the photographs with the raindrops on....

    I had some white daffs this year, I prefer them to the yellow.....somehow more ethereal....I like that quality