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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I always plan on posting more than just for outdoor wednesdays but never seem to get around to it. So, here is todays shots. We discovered this morning at my parents house that they have a few lilac bushes growing!! Yay!! Love those beautiful, heavily perfumed, lilacs! So, I did a few shots of those just before my Mumma and I headed out for a girls day out!
Here they are. So pretty and just starting to open on a few of the branches. So cute!

They also have these tiny little purple flowers all over the grass too. Not sure what they are. I think it may be some kind of weed/crabgrass type thing but not sure. For now, they are cute little flowers.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!


  1. Awww I can't wait for mine to blossom. Though it may not be until next year, it'll be worth it!! So pretty.

  2. Pretty sweet scented lilacs ... they fill the air with such soft yet pungent aromas. Love them! TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. We Sure Did have a fun day Out, can't get enough of them, and feel so guilty taking your time, when you have off. Some day Maybe I can go in all the stores you do, and not have to sit in car. Those Liliacs are just beautiful,( I can't believe they are in our yard). I love them, I have always wanted them.(One of Grandma West's favorite Flowers.) Would love to be able to give her a hanful of the them! Speaking of that, I miss my Mama,espically this time of yr.,it is hitting me a little harder this yr. I am in a yr. That has been a miracle in my life and I owe it to God & Ron, So many Good Things happening and all the pretty flowers that are growing..I just can't say enough,and really believe all this is happening to me, It is so wonderful.. Love u, My Darling Daughter, Your Mumma shabbybird or shabbyrose~

  4. I love lilac and the perfume is quite lovely......I am fortunate that my neightbours tree hangs over my garden, delightful...

    Your little flower looks like our Germander Speedwell......A UK wildflower.......