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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Day to everyone! Today was a really great Outdoor Wednesday. So exciting. I have so many pictures and it was hard to narrow down the ones I chose to share with you all.

{The page may take a while to load due to all the pics. Sorry :-(
I narrowed it down the best I could}

Spring is such a beautiful and neat time of year!

These are my Bleeding Hearts. I have always wanted to grow these, and when I moved in, they were here; and today they bloomed!! They are so precious!

It's hard to tell how tiny these are from the picture I took, but they are a little purple flower growing in the grass where my grass meets the neighbor's driveway. They are very cute. They are just a little bit bigger than clovers.

My tulips want to open! I can tell they do! I leaned down and whispered, to them "Grow, Grow."

I mentioned in a previous post that I have an older style looking bike and here it is. I love it. It is pink with white swirls. I have an old style bell on it now! I get to ride up town to get my mail from the post office on nice days.

And, this thistle feeder is really neat, but I was getting so discouraged about never seeing any birds. I have had it out since last summer and have never seen any birds on it. I changed the seed about a month ago in case it went bad over the winter and still nothing. The other morning I was laying in bed thinking that I should just give it to my parents because no birds even know it's here. Well, I got up out of bed and when I opened the curtains, I scared away a male and female finch that were on it and eating!!! I was so happy to see them and also so bummed that I scared them away. Well, no fear, they have told all their friends and I am afraid I will be going to the store soon buying more thistle! lol!

I love this one with the bird's wings out:

One stopped for a bit to get a drink of water.

They are so pretty.

And also, these last two (and the very first one at the top) were taken yesterday at my parent's house! I was walking in the house and saw a tiny pink flower laying on the deck and I wondered where it came from. I turned around and saw a very beautiful site! They were just starting to bloom on the outer parts of the branches. But as you can see by the second picture, it has many buds all over!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, what a night. Severe thunderstorms and raging winds ripped through here and left me whithout power. I have some battery time left on my laptop so I am typing this in Wordpad and tomorrow (hopefully I have power again by then) I will copy to my blog. I have candleholders all over right now with tealights in them so I can have a little light. All the houses across the street have power. Not fair. lol. The wind was so strong at one point that I literally looked in my back yard to see if my shed was still there! I think that being behind the garage helped block some of the wind or it probably would have been gone.
Today started off GORGEOUS!! It was beautiful out yesterday and when I got out of work, it was so warm that I wanted to go down by the water. ( I work by the river that seperates USA from Canada.) I wanted to just drink in the fresh warm air. It felt so fantastic to still be so warm out after dark. So, I drove down to one of the spots by the beach and there were 2 cars there already there and it is a small area; also, it was really dark so I decided to just go home. I slept with the windows open. YUMMY night air! I love it. So anyway... This morning I got up at about 5:30 and sat on the couch with my coffee watching it get light out. I was planning on getting some yard work done today but ended up relaxing and doing not a whole lot of anything productive! I sat out on the chair in the back yard looking at the catalog I got in the mail and soaked up some sun. Then, the sky started looking dark and then... well, it got very ugly. I haven't seen a storm like that in a long time. I was starting to get worried because I couldn't find one of my cats (Feather) and so when it calmed down a little bit, I called her and luckily she was in the porched-in area. Whew! That wind was so strong I knew she would have been blown away.
My plan today was to get all the twigs picked up all over the yard but now I am glad I didn't waste my time doing that because there are a whole bunch more now with that storm.
All is calm again for now, but still no power. I will probably just head to bed soon. I have a headache starting (probably due to looking at this screen in the dark) and pretty limited to what I can do with a few tealights as my only light. :o) lol.
~Hope all is well with everyone in bloggerland~


I still didn't have any power for a few days so, it was an interesting weekend! But, I sure am glad to have it back on now! Also grateful for parents that let me take all my fridge and freezer stuff over their house while I was waiting for the power to come back on :o)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, this post is a day late, but I did take the pictures yesterday for Outdoor Wednesday. I just got too busy to even get on the computer. So, here is yesterdays pics. They were taken at my Parent's house. It was raining off and on all day but mostly sunny where we went -- my mom and I went out and about to a few stores and such.
This is out back of my parents house. This is a slab that used to be a small house way back when. It is a tiny slab but will make a grat spot for a table and chairs and a BBQ! But yesterday it was just wet from the rain.

This is an up-close of these tiny little flower - type greens that are starting to grow outside my parent's new house. Don't know what they are yet :) but we will see.

On a side note:

Mom and I are trying to attempt making a Shabby Raggy Quilt. Spent last night cutting squares and more squares and more and... Well, needless to say, my shoulder is sore. :) So, we will be letting you all know the progress when we make some. lol

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Morning!
Well, today is outdoor Wednesday again. It was very gloomy outside. It was raining all day yesterday and they are calling for morning showers so I figured I better get out while the rain had stopped. Not a lot of activity going on but the tulips were getting a little bigger:

And then I saw this little guy doing his daily chores:

And so I took a picture of my new birdbath. I got it a few weeks ago but it has had ice on it almost every morning. I can't wait to see real birdies on it.

The pictures are not so great because it was gloomy outside and I still don't know my camera well enough to get some great shots but I am learning little by little. I have so much to do today so I better get at it! Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I guess I should have looked harder yesterday because today I noticed some things starting to emerge! My tulips I planted and the Peony bush that we thought we ripped up! (I am glad to see it coming back because I wasn't sure I wanted it gone or not). So, anyway, today it is really pretty out and so I went for a bike ride up to get the mail (about 3 blocks away) and when I came back, I saw the tulips peeking up to say Hello! {Yay!}

And here are the Peonys

So good to see after all that snow again!

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Day to all of you!

I am trying this new thing that is called Outdooor Wednesday. You can take pictures of anything and post it as long as it is outdoors. So, we got a bunch of snow again the past couple days! Ugh! But today the sun is out and it is melting so I suppose we are on the way again to warmer weather. HOPEFULLY!!!

So anyway...
This is what I saw outside today:

But, alas... It was actually melting:

So, maybe there is hope for spring! lol

Have a great day all!