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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well, what a night. Severe thunderstorms and raging winds ripped through here and left me whithout power. I have some battery time left on my laptop so I am typing this in Wordpad and tomorrow (hopefully I have power again by then) I will copy to my blog. I have candleholders all over right now with tealights in them so I can have a little light. All the houses across the street have power. Not fair. lol. The wind was so strong at one point that I literally looked in my back yard to see if my shed was still there! I think that being behind the garage helped block some of the wind or it probably would have been gone.
Today started off GORGEOUS!! It was beautiful out yesterday and when I got out of work, it was so warm that I wanted to go down by the water. ( I work by the river that seperates USA from Canada.) I wanted to just drink in the fresh warm air. It felt so fantastic to still be so warm out after dark. So, I drove down to one of the spots by the beach and there were 2 cars there already there and it is a small area; also, it was really dark so I decided to just go home. I slept with the windows open. YUMMY night air! I love it. So anyway... This morning I got up at about 5:30 and sat on the couch with my coffee watching it get light out. I was planning on getting some yard work done today but ended up relaxing and doing not a whole lot of anything productive! I sat out on the chair in the back yard looking at the catalog I got in the mail and soaked up some sun. Then, the sky started looking dark and then... well, it got very ugly. I haven't seen a storm like that in a long time. I was starting to get worried because I couldn't find one of my cats (Feather) and so when it calmed down a little bit, I called her and luckily she was in the porched-in area. Whew! That wind was so strong I knew she would have been blown away.
My plan today was to get all the twigs picked up all over the yard but now I am glad I didn't waste my time doing that because there are a whole bunch more now with that storm.
All is calm again for now, but still no power. I will probably just head to bed soon. I have a headache starting (probably due to looking at this screen in the dark) and pretty limited to what I can do with a few tealights as my only light. :o) lol.
~Hope all is well with everyone in bloggerland~


I still didn't have any power for a few days so, it was an interesting weekend! But, I sure am glad to have it back on now! Also grateful for parents that let me take all my fridge and freezer stuff over their house while I was waiting for the power to come back on :o)


  1. Gosh.....what a changeable weather that usual for your area??
    Makes our weather seem quite calm....

    Hope things soon return to normal.......

  2. Well My Darling Daughter, another day well spent together, except for waiting in the car, I didn't mind that I would of just like to been with you, so we could be was very windy Sat. I thought I was going to Blow away a couple of times.. and that would of took a lot. Thanks for all your Help and all you do for us.. Love ya, Mumma

  3. Cheryl~~
    No, it isn't usually that bad. That was just a doosie of a storm.
    I hope we don't see another one like that for a very long time!

  4. Great pictures! spring is so much fun for picture taking, keep up the good work!