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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Wednesday to all you people out there in Bloggerland!
For my Outdoor Wednesday post, there is so much going on that it was hard to narrow down the pictures!
One of my roses finally bloomed! So pretty. There was another one starting to bloom, and many more buds getting ready to! Yay! They are gorgeous! I do love roses! They bloom right outside one of the windows in the bedroom, so it is very romantic looking out the bedroom window and seeing roses!
On this spot alone, I counted 20 buds!!

Then, I noticed an Iris that had bloomed!

With Scott being on vacation, we have been working our tails off last week and this one!
We worked on the porch some more today. The siding is off both sides now, and the plastic is all torn down, and the screens are all laying on the ground waiting to be washed, and everything is waiting to be sanded and painted tomorrow. We were so grateful that the weather was good enough to get so much done. Yesterday they were predicting rain for today but it held off! Both of us are sore and tired, but feel great about the progress we did. It looks so amazing. What a difference! I am excited to get it finished and all pretty. I would love to move the dryer out of there, or at least make it less obvious, but unfortunantly, the way the house is set up, that was the only reasonable place to put it.

I have finally have a hummingbird at my feeder! There is only one so far, and I think it is a female because it isn't very brightly colored. I named her Peek-a-Boo because she peeks in our window often and then is gone so fast. Scott got a picture of her at the feeder and I love the picture, but unfortunately you can see how bad I needed to wash my windows! lol!
Isn't she adorable?

And lastly, I thought I would post a recent picture of my birdbath, now that there is greenery all around it. The squirrels seem to be happy to have somewhere to get a drink but not too many birds have made use of it yet. Maybe when the weather gets hot I will see some splashing around! teehee!

Have a Blessed day everyone!


  1. What beautiful flowers ... & the construction is coming along .. hurray! This has to make you feel really good. We haven't go tnay hummies in our feeder yet. TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Your post is absolutely delightful today. Everything about it. I know what you mean about position in a home. Is your place small? Our is literally just slightly over 1000 sq ft so finding ways to extend room is carefully being planned as I work on taking out some parts of the walls. I'm planning around and up. Your coming along.

    Bird is sweet... love the name. Third pic with the single rose amongst the buds.. gorgeous.

  3. Well everyone said it best, and I am happy u have a hummingbird coming to your feeder,and the roses are Beautiful.. Love u, Mumma

  4. Beautiful pics Tawnya, I dont think Ive ever seen a humming bird still. Very cool. Keep up the good work!