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Friday, December 12, 2008

I let Scott read my blog and so he knows that I want a new camera now! I really want to do a lot of research before I can know for sure which one I want. I don't want to make the same mistake--especially since this one is so much money. I am thinking about the Sony A300 but not sure yet.

Isn't it Pretty? :o) I have a lot of reading to do but have a lot of time to do it so that's ok.
Any one who knows me knows that scrapbooking runs through my veins and I read this today:
Mark Twain was a scrapbooking enthusiast who dedicated Sundays to his hobby. He also held patents for his self-pasting scrapbooks that could be dampened with water. Twain created 57 different types of self-pasting scrapbooks.
Pretty cool.

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  1. Hey Girl, cute blog! So you wanna new camera? Wanna buy mine? I am getting another one soon...yeehaw!

    Your kitties are way to cute! I just wanna snuggle with them.

    Take care!