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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 9, 2008
I am going to try to start a journal of just a few things that happened throuout the day so I can keep track of my life. Last night I stayed at my parents house and so this morning Mom and I got started on packing for their move. I threw out so much stuff. She kept saying, "Tawnya Marie!" But most of it she let me do it anyway. I know this is very hard for her to do but she will be happier with more peace and less stuff for their new home. I am struggling with the same thing. The house that Scott bought is so tiny for all the stuff I own that it is crowded. I too am getting rid of a lot of stuff and it is hard to part with so I feel her pain on that.
We went to Empire Wok for lunch and came back to take a nap and not a whole lot happened after that. Dad came home from work and I trimmed his hair because the Musicale is this weekend and he wanted it to look good for that.
Tonight we ate Taco Bell and watched TV. I sent away for the coupons for the Digital Converter Box tonight online. So, hopefully they will come soon. I am eager for TV. I miss some of the shows. It has been pretty nice to not have to have all the garbage now but I miss some shows that I used to like to watch.
Now for a few random thoughts...

I don't want to tell Scott, but I regret not getting a DSLR camera for my birthday with the money. There was definitely enough money when he gave it to me but I didn't think I wanted that big of a camera but now I realize that you can do so much more with them and fantastic pictures... so... I really want to take a photography class and get a DSLR camera. :)
I could write more but I am so very tired. I took a Tylenol PM and it is kicking in!! :)

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