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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10, 2008

I spent a good deal of today getting scolded again from my Mumma. :) I was getting rid of a bunch of stuff again for her and she was letting me. I told her I knew it is hard and it is hard for me to be so stern on it all because I know how it is. I am the same type of pack rat so I get it fully.
But we had fun and my dad was all smiles taking out the bags and boxes of trash and stuff to go to goodwill.
I was still in the same mode when I got home and Scott said he cleaned a bunch of downloads off the computer so I got rid of a bunch of saved pics and such that take up space on the computer.
Scott said he heard today from his work and so they are trying to get him started sometime next week. I know he has been wanting this for a while.
When I got home today Firefly (my kitty) got up from his basket he was napping in and meowed at me. It was pretty cute. Scott says that when I am not here at night Firefly walks in the bedroom and cries and then out in the living room and cries off and on all night.

Here are some pics of them:

Firefly sleeping silly.

Here is feather. She is such a prissy kitty. I have never seen a kitty act so girly before. She is quite the character.

and here is a more recent shot:

And then there's Hobbes... He adopted us.

And one more just cuz they were so adorable when I got them:

Just a few of the "family members" around here. Maybe someday it will be my real kids pictures here but for now, they keep life interesting. :)

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