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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So, I am sitting here on this night before Christmas Eve and Hobbes (my orange kitty) is laying on my lap showing me his belly (he LOVES having his belly rubbed even though sometimes he pretends not to by play biting) and anyway, he is purring so loud that I think the neighbors down the street can hear it :o) tee hee.
Anyway.... I treated myself to actually making myself a real meal for dinner (versus whatever I could find real quick and easy) and I did up my dishes and set out a real plate and a fancy stemmed glass and put on soft instrumental Christmas music and ate dinner. Yay me! Then double yay--- I actually finished all my dishes after dinner and dried them and put them away too, and wiped down the stove top and the counter. Anyone that knows me knows how rare that is. *grins* But it felt good to treat myself nice.
No real crazy stories from customers at work, but they were waiting out the door before we opened today! We were slammed again and I am sure one or 2 may have walked out due to not enough help but I tried to get to them all. And due to it being so busy, the day flew by.
I got my hair all chopped off yesterday and a perm and she said I had long enough hair to donate to Locks of Love (they make wigs for cancer patients out of peoples real hair) so that was kind of a surprise. I didn't think it was long enough this time. But that is cool. I will be sending it in in the next few days or so. It is really curly. I can't stand the first week of a new perm but after that, I love having curly hair. A lot of people thought it was cute though. Most people just said "WOW!" oh, and, when I walked in the door, they seriously started asking the manager who was coming in. teehee. He embarrassed them by saying in a very loud voice, "That is Tawnya, you know, Tawnya Day, the supervisor of DI." (the camera department is called Digital Imaging). So that was pretty funny. But I do like the fact that it is short and easy to do. I was getting tired of pulling my hair back every day in a clip and just didn't feel like doing something cute with it so it was time for a change.
Well, the hour is getting late and I have a lot of snow to brush off my car in the morning again so off to beddy-bye for me! Sweet Dreams


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