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Monday, December 22, 2008

So wow.... I know everyone always says this, (me included) but I can't believe how quick Christmas is already upon us. I am not sure if it is how busy with work and moving in that really just distracted me or what, but I know I haven't prepared anything except for getting a Christmas tree up. So now here it is 2 days before and my mumma and I are going out to brave the crowds. At work (I work at Best Buy) we have been insanely crazy. Like that's a big shock *grins* but it seems no time for anything else these days.
I talked to my cousin, Shawna, last night who does have DSLR camera and she is selling it due to her bigger, better one. SOME PEOPLE! lol. I am happy for her and she encouraged me in wanting my own. She was telling me how everything is a picture when you have a nice camera like that. So, now I really want one. teehee
My cats are mad at me right now due to Scott being gone on the road now. MY kitty has been giving me the cold shoulder. He usually likes to cuddle in the mornings in between me hitting snooze and he won't even come up to me now. Scott's cat has been really clingy and wanting me to hold her all the time or be right near me. And Hobbes is just Hobbes. And people say they don't have moods or feelings--hah! they have never lived with one! It's just kinda funny how they react to things.
I know it's just silly ramblings but that is my life.
So... on to silly stories-- One guy came to the store last Saturday and was upset that we were out of something in the ad. My manager was helping out and told him that we could order it in for him and it would be here by Christmas. He got upset. And we were all saying, "Hmmm... Let's see... you are in the very last day of the ad and 5 days before Christmas, in one of the busiest stores around for Christmas items, but you are upset that we are out of stock of an item." Some people don't think. Then it was even funnier because he asked if he could speak to my manager, to which I told him, "That was her that you were speaking to." He didn't like that either.
Working retail is goofy sometimes.
Well, on to battle the goofy people that are out today. lol Maybe I will have more stories about them later.

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