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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello all~
Today I thought I had to work but I looked at the wrong schedule and got up to start getting ready and noticed so I had a freebie. I worked in my craft room- organizing and stuff and then I worked on some crafts. I needed a brain boost so I came out and did some Wii Fit hoping that would stimulate the blood flow to my brain and I could be more creative again, but since I haven't been exercising, it just made me tired. I ate some dinner and got back at it trying something new, I tried working a little bit with some craft clay. Had it for a while with plans to do it but never did. It was ok but different than I thought. You have to scrape the back of the mold even with the mold or else it comes out looking like it has borders. Hard to describe but it makes it not look right. It was something different to do anyway and now I will see how they paint up and glue on things--I did some roses (of course. lol) to glue on projects to make them shabby chic. Seen lots of other people do it so I thought I'd try. It might be easier to just buy them on Ebay. lol.
Now for the big news---- My camera is on order!!!!!!!! YaY!! It will probably be about 4-6 weeks (bummer) but it is ordered! They have not deducted the money from my account yet but I will be watching it! :o)
Getting late and I am cold and going to snuggle under the covers and drift off to dreamland. Nighty-Night all~


  1. Hey Miss Tawnya, How are you? Thats pretty cool about your new camera, what kind did you get? You'll have to take a pic of it with your other camera and show us. Ok have a great nite!

  2. Whoohoo! How come it's taking so long to get?