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Friday, March 13, 2009

Well sooooo.....
It's that time again!


Been so sick I haven't had much time to play with camera. Been sleeping my life away or going to work and just trying to get better. My voice is really gruff. My dad told my mom I sounded like a guy on the phone! Ribbit Ribbit~

But anyway, here are a couple things I did get done before I got sick. Not much and nothing very impressive but none the less--

This is the camera with the lens on it. I got a Tamron lens that does 18mm - 250mm. I read a lot about it and it was so versatile rather than changing lenses all the time.

I have been trying to read the book and watch YouTube videos online to learn all about the functions and it is amazing all this can do. I am excited. I wish I was good already at it but I know that it takes time, practice, and patience. The sun was bright today but I laid on the couch all day. Wish I felt up to taking a walk and trying some pictures outside but not so much.

The other night was a doosie...
Well, a little backtrack: I am on the hunt for a really good case now for my nice camera. I don't want it too bulky because I want to take it with me everywhere. I also don't need too much room because I don't have any different lenses. I got one from work, but it is so bulky and manly looking {Boring} :o) so... I found one online that I really liked and it happened to be at Wal-Mart. They didn't have it online--in store only. Only one problem: the only store within 100 miles was a half hour drive away. So, I go to pick up my mom and head out to get this bag, long story short: My car broke! The control arm that held the back wheel on snapped in 2 pcs.! Well, Dad came to pick us up and they could fix it the next day--they just closed when I came in.

So, we went to eat

Funny story about this-- When my parents were moving a few weeks ago, I helped my dad take the bed apart and when we picked the top mattress up, there was a gift card in the center of the box spring. It was wrapped up and said Merry Christmas! It was so strange. They couldn't figure out where it came from. Come to find out, it was from about 3 years ago! No one has any idea how it ended up there. So, anyway, on the back it said that after 12 months, there would be a service fee deducted every month off the card of $1.50. So, we figured the card was empty. Well, I called and it still had the same amount on it. They hadn't deducted any so, we got to eat at Red Robin. They have really good fajitas!
So, onward and upward; Went to Wal-Mart after dinner and they had it, but it was really huge. It would be perfect if I had more lenses and such but not good for me at this time in my life. So.... the hunt continues for a great bag. Not too huge, not too ugly, and not too expensive! Is that too much to ask? lol


  1. pretty good pictures there girlfriend! :) Yes a 18-250 covers alot of areas. so you should be good for awhile. I was like you, hunting down the perfect bag, I found a little black simple one when i used my D40 cause it was small and it fit right in my purse but now since I have a bigger camera and I only take one lens with me ( usually my little 50mm ) I just got a bigger purse! It is with me at all times ( ok maybe once or twice its not ) but you never know when a great pic is going to come around. Have fun with it!

  2. Nice camera Tawnya, I hope you start feeling better so we can see some pics. That was to funny about that gift card, Its sounds like someone was hiding it and forgot about it. Get better!

  3. Hi Tawnya, sorry its been so long to answer, I wrote about it on my blogspot. My camera is a D60 Nikon. I got the whole kit with 2 lenses, case, 2 rechargable batteries, cleaning stuff, and all kinds of stuff. So it was like a promotional deal. I love it but now the case is so heavy to carry around lol. Hope your all better now and feeling strong again. I am planning a trip to Mich this last spring, I have a shawl for you too.. I just made a bunch, all colors and figured to take them when I come or mail ahead...