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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good evening everyone. Well, I decided to change my name. No, No, not my personal name -- I changed my blog name. So, my mom had to go and re-put me in as a blog she was following so I am not sure if everyone will have to do that or if it was just a fluke. But, here it is with it's new name. This name made sense because of a few reasons:
Moondust came about around the time I got my car. I bought a new sparkly shimmer powder (makeup) that said the name was moondust. I thought it was a cute name and a cute product but not much other than that. So then, The next day at work, there was 4 of us going to lunch together and someone mentioned we take my car to lunch since it was new and so I could show it off to them. One of the girl's with us asked what is the name of the color and I said, "I don't really know, I suppose champagne or something, but the paperwork (the car was bought from a used car dealer) just said tan." She said, "Oh, I figured it would be something fancy like sand-sparkle or moondust or something." and so I said, "That's it!! Moondust! That is the name of my car color! I just bought a makeup compact with that name that is the same color as my car!"
And so, it goes that's how moondust came about.
Now with Marita--very simple. My middle name is Marie and when I was little, my mom used to call me Tawnya Marita or a lot of times, just Marita. I didn't like it much then but as I got older I thought it was a really cute name. So, Moondust Marita was born.

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