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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well, it has been quite a week. I had a very rough one due to work. I am starting to feel a little better now. Scott was home this weekend and he cleaned the house up real nice and took down the Christmas tree for me (Mom and I had already stripped it bare) and he re-arranged the furniture so it looks nice in here. It is much nicer to come home to now. That helped. I just couldn't get myself to get it together enough.
More snow yesterday and today again. I got home from my parents and had to shovel the drive again. There was about 6 more inches again. My shoulder is sore. I don't know how my dad does it so much all the time at the church and stuff.
I know today's post isn't much but not much to talk about other than stress from work and no one cares to read that! :o)
I am trying to make it a habit to be in bed by 10:30 every night and my eyes are starting to burn so I suppose I better head that way. I don't have to be there until 3 tomorrow and I want to get up early to enjoy my day before I have to go in so nighty-night all.

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