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Friday, January 16, 2009

I know this is going to post as being Jan. 16th because it is now just after midnight, but for me it is still Thursday the 15th. I just got home from work a little bit ago. What a day...
Stayed the night at my parents and so mom and I got about a box and a half packed. Should have forced myself to do more. But anyway, I went home a little after that and still had some time to myself before I had to get ready for work so.... I decided to put in my Ab Sculpting Pilate's DVD----Yay me! well.....just hold that thought---after about 15 minutes of messing with the remote that wouldn't work (and there are hardly any buttons on the actual player so you HAVE to use the remote to make it work), and changing the batteries, and then it still didn't work, I was pretty discouraged, but... not enough! I decided to put in a VCR tape I had from years ago that I recorded that was Denise Austin. I just love working out to her-- she is so encouraging. Not just while you are working out but also telling you to be proud of yourself and you are going to have a great day because you took time for yourself and such. It is cool. but anyway..... So, I get that going, and the tape is kinda fuzzy but going along ok and then... Two of my cats (the 2 boys) are wrestling around and stuff, well, they decided that when I started exercising, they were going to really go full force and just let loose and go bananas! They started running around so crazy and knocking stuff over. I was scolding them to knock it off! and all the while thinking, "Really???? NOW you guys are going to go nuts, just when I am trying to do something good for myself!" Anyhoooo... I did get through the entire half hour after that. I think they must have not known what to think about me jumping around and kicking in the air and such because they decided to settle down and watch me. SO... I did get it done after all... YAY me!
So then I went to work and about half way through, I got called in for my weekly One on One with my manager to go over how I am "running" my business and what I need to improve on. So she started off by asking me what was going on. Well, she is probably sorry she asked. I told her I want to step down and not be a supervisor anymore. She was so blown away she wasn't sure what to say. So anyway, she said OK and she didn't know what was going to happen next and wasn't sure where they were going to put me but she would talk to the Store Manager. She asked if everything was ok and I just said that at this time in my life that I really wasn't able to give it my all and I didn't want my work to suffer over it because that wouldn't be good for me or the business. She said she totally didn't see this coming. I told her that I went home crying almost every night of last week. She said she would have never guessed and said I didn't show it one ounce and that was good. She also said she understood, and she did that once a few years ago and she wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not because if she ever wanted to get into management again they might not let her but she said it was the best thing she ever did and she learned a lot and sometimes it is good to do things from a different perspective. She said she was not sure if she was going to fill my spot or not and that she wasn't going to until she interviewed me and because of my interview she decided to keep it open and put me in it. So, that was nice to hear and she also let me know that this would not hinder in any way if later I decide to be a manager again.
Then a few hours later, one of the other managers was talking to me and told me not to give up and he understands that I am probably frustrated because I haven't had the training and time and stuff to do the job I am supposed to be doing, but that [my boss] sees a lot of potential in me and so does he. He said he seen it way back when I worked for him before and still sees it now. But, he says he understands if this is what I need to do, but he told me to give it some thought and to use him as a sounding board if I need to. He told me that he was very easy to talk to (which he is) and just pull him aside if I need help or to get something off my chest.
So, strange and long day and I am very tired but so much in my head I don't know if I can fall asleep. I am going to go try. Tomorrow is another big day. I have to get the money out of the bank and go pay mortgage and then I have to go to work early cuz I have to pick up my check and go to the bank and cash it and I have to get up in enough time to work out! :o) lol. so.... sweet dreams all...........


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