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Monday, January 19, 2009

Boy, do I love the sunshine! It is gorgeous any time of the year and especially welcome this time of the year. Scott said he is in South Carolina or something and it is about 60 degrees right now. Lucky bum. lol. I am so sore from shoveling. I had to the night before last and then at 6:30 yesterday morning because I had to be in early for work. Then I got home and almost couldn't find the driveway again but I left it for today. So my arms and shoulders are tired.
Work has been a little less stressful but I am still the Supervisor until they decide what to do with me.
Tonight I am going to my parents and bringing Lasagna fixins so that should be yummy. And tomorrow my Mumma and I are going to Rochester to meet with the ladies for lunch and do some shopping! I am also going to be stopping by Home Depot and see all my past co-workers so I am excited about all that. It should be a fun day.
Well, I have some stuff to get done before I head to my parents so TTFN...ta-ta for now!

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