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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today was quite eventful. Lil' Bear (the puppy) had some time getting comfortable being in my house and the 3 cats had quite the time being not too sure what to think. He did pretty good overall, but one time I had him in the yard trying to get him to go potty but he decided he wanted to play with the kitties and started running after them to play, well... they thought he was chasing them and so they all scattered and one ran up a tree, I was trying to stop the chaos because I wasn't sure where the puppy would run-- to the neighbors, across the road, who knows? So, I got a grip on the situation and made a make-shift leash out of yarn--- {you see, the reason he didn't have a leash on is because this little puppy is scared half to death of them. He is not used to them yet and thinks when he has one on, he can only lay down or cry.} So.... needless to say, later I went to the dollar store and got him one to keep here. My parents already have him a fancy retractable one that he won't even go near it when it is sitting on the floor! But, all in all, it was fun and he is really fun to be around.

The picture above is a bird that got stuck up inside my bird feeder a few days ago and I rescued him and since I had him in my hand, I had to get some pictures before I set him free. Then, I made sure that wasn't going to happen again.

Tomorrow I am planning on posting some pictures of my bathroom. I am in serious need of some decorating advice for it. I don't have money to renovate it but it is hideous looking. It only has a stand up shower--well, sort of-- more like a shower liner that you usually install as a surround inside a cubby in the wall, but there it is out in the open and ugly-- with that, the side of the shower has the water lines running right down out in the open! I will take some pics and see what everyone comes up with to make it a little more presentable.

(on a side note, I forgot to mention, for those that seen the previous post about moving, the move has been postponed until further notice. As of right now, I am not moving unless circumstances go back to what they were before. We will see. But, this is the first time I have felt peace about living here and want to make it pretty.)

I will stop rambling and get to bed so I can actually get stuff done tomorrow! lol. Have a great day!

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