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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Need help with Decorating!!

So, here is my ugly shower surround.  I need some advice on what to do with it.  It is just this plastic piece sticking out.  I can't renovate or put it somewhere else or get a nicer one, so I just need to deal with what I have.

This is the view you see when walking into the bathroom:
And here is one of the front views:
This one is the left side where you can see all the pipes sticking out of the shower-- right out in the open.  The toilet is right next to it.  Mostly your shoulder touches the pipes when you are using the bathroom.
Another front view:

A little bit closer of the ugly pipes:

So, There it is and I REALLY could use some ideas on how to make it a little nicer looking.  I forgot until just now, that it sits on a cement slab that is painted black and that is ugly too and also the pipes on the bottom that run all around the back of the toilet are showing too.  ANY help would be very appreciated!!
Thank you in advance to anyone who gives any suggestions.
Have a fantastic day!


  1. What an awful predicament if you are unable to replace the whole lot. If it was me I would go for a Fantasy theme and hide everything behind fake greenery it would be like showering in a rain forest. There is a paint called Plasti-kote it comes in 400ml spray cans and it is waterproof once sprayed on which you could use on the plastic panels, its great, I used it to spray my bathroom shelving and mirrors because I couldn't find new ones to match my tiles And hopefully you could find a suitable shower curtain to match the theme.

  2. I do love your pg. my darling daughter, I would use it, but don't want to take away from u. Far as the shower issue, u wouldn't have to worry about decorating it, if u kept your old plans(just kidding).I always thought u had your bathroom was pretty romantic looking with all the pretty things u have in it.(I'm Jealous). U know I am kidding.But I understand..Love u, Mumma