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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is he not the cutest??? For the next couple nights I will be puppy sitting to this little ball of happy energy. My parents are going away for a couple nights and so I told them I would watch him rather than put him in a kennel. My dad says he gets up a few times a night to go potty but I get up doing that kind of stuff anyway because I own 3 cats that have been being crazy lately and keeping me getting up several times every night anyway. So, it will be interesting. But he is so silly and happy so it is hard not to take him in.
For Labor Day, My parents and I went to the annual Mackinac Bridge Walk. It is the bridge that connects Upper Michigan with Lower Michigan. It is 5 miles long. It was hot and tiring but pretty fun. I have walked it a few times before but many years ago. This was the first time my mom went. My dad and I pushed her in a wheelchair and about halfway up the first side (the uphill side) someone came up to us and said, "Can I push for a while?" I thought he was joking and so I said, "sure!"--- he did! He took right over and I said, I can take back over, we thought you were joking. He told us that he wasn't and would get us to the halfway point. Wow! What a random act of kindness! So cool. He did too. All the rest of the uphill side he pushed. And so that was really nice.
These last 2 shots are from the bridge website. But I thought they were neat.
And lastly, A few things I have been working on...I got this side table from a garage sale and almost forgot to take a before pic until after I started sanding it. Tomorrow I will probably post pics of the after. It is on my list of things to do for my day off but we will see how it will go.
Also, I picked up this little shelf at Hobby Lobby for 2 bucks! I am re-doing it too. It needs a few more coats but I will post pics when I get that done. I also have a hideous dresser that I am working on, but I have to look up the before pics so you will get the full effect of the transformation!
Have a great day all!!!!!

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