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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing

I got out my sewing machine the other day and made a few projects.  I was only planning on doing one, and then I made another, and then another.  lol. 

I started out with this pillowcase that I picked up at goodwill for 49 cents.  When I got it home, I noticed a hole and some paint  on it.  I had plans to make it into a little apron from HERE so, I was a little bummed but wasn't too concerned since it was going to be made into an apron.  This is such a simple pattern to do.  She calls it a 10 minute pillowcase but for me it was probably 20 mins. but still quick and easy. 
Someday when I am in anything but my *comfies*  I will get a picture taken while wearing it.
Oh, and bonus-- the first fold and sew covered the hole and the second one covered the paint!  I wasn't even trying for that!!  It just worked that way.  So cool.

I made another apron from a pillowcase for my mom but it doesn't have the waist ribbon on yet (nothing to tie it with.) 

So then, I made another camera strap and thought I would be a genius and include a pocket for the lens cap like I had seen other camera straps have.......
welllllll...... The pattern I got from HERE is more form fitting than some of the others and got all done..... and too small!!!  Grrrrrr.

So what do ya do with a pocket too small on a camera strap????

You try the spare battery in it!!!   And what do ya know???  It was such a perfect fit that it was like I designed it just for that!!!  ----  Er, ...  uh....   I mean.... I really did put that pocket there for the battery!!!  lol!  It was too funny.  Scott thought up the battery thing and told me to just tell everyone that is what it is there for.   So, our little secret  K?  tee hee

Then I made this little throw pillow for the couch.  It needed something to brighten it up.  The couch is off white and so is the afghan on the back of it.  
This came out better than I expected.  It was my first pillow ever so I was happy it turned out ok.

I made myself a much needed pincushion next.  I had one that I made years ago and reallllllllllly disliked it for a few reasons:  First, it was very ugly.  I had made it with material that I didn't really care that much about incase it didn't turn out and never ended up making myself another one.  But the thing about it that really bugged me, was that it was SO light.  There was many times when I went to take a pin out of it, it would lift up right off the table.  Grrr.  This really bugged me.
I have been seeing people make them out of teacups and tealight holders and such so, I got a small bowl and made one.  Wasn't as pleased with it as I pictured in my mind, so I added some lace.  Still not right...  slept on it, and the next morning, I thought, "buttons!!"  So, I got out my hot glue gun again.


And since I had the glue gun out, I may as well make more.  This one is attached to a baby jar lid.  Isn't as heavy or big, but a small handy size.

Then speaking of small and handy...  I have seen these once before and thought I would give it a try since I was on a roll and all.  :o)     These are made out of plastic pop bottle caps and you wear them like a ring.  They are so stinking adorable!!  They look like little cupcakes.   tee hee


I had to attempt to make the bottom pretty and comfy too don't ya know? 

 There was also a 3-sectioned hamper that I was working on re-doing.  It is really handy for holding the dirty clothes and keeping them separate but very ugly blue and white stripes pattern. 
I am so close to having it finished, but the bottom is giving me a hard time.  
I wasn't  following any kind of a pattern.  Just measuring and going along and since I am not very experienced in sewing, I am having a hard time.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think of these projects.
Have a spectacular day


  1. I have days like that too..where I set out to sew something and end up with a bunch of's the only way to sew! When the spirit moves go with the flow!

    Nice to meet your blog...i will sign up to follow you also...
    come by my site anytime...I'll leave my 'screen' door open for you...

    ciao bella....happy sewing!

  2. What a cute idea! Why can't I think of things like matter. I just go find something I need on Etsy or ebay...still...I wish I could think of things like that..

  3. Those crafts are so cute! You're so creative. I could never think up all those ideas. You're very talented!
    Have a great day!